Physical Sciences-Oncology Network Annual Investigators Meeting

Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT – Cambridge, MA
October 17-19, 2017

♦ Organized by Sage Bionetworks and the National Cancer Institute




The annual meeting is for funded members of PS-ON and invited guests. The PS-ON aims to integrate physical sciences perspectives in cancer research and to foster this convergence by forming trans-disciplinary teams of physical scientists and cancer researchers working closely together to advance our understanding of cancer biology and oncology.

Themes for this year’s meeting include:

  • In vivo models / organoid tumor models
  • In vitro models
  • Single cell technologies
  • Imaging the tumor microenvironment and immune cell interactions
  • Novel quantitative methods
  • Brain tumor working group

Organizing Committee:

  • Kristen Dang
  • Dennis Discher
  • Claudia Fischbach
  • Justin Guinney
  • Nas Kuhn
  • Dmitry Markov
  • Franziska Michor

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